Using Pocket In Education

Pocket is an application which allows a person to save articles for reading it later. Over the last one year, it has been one of my most favourite application. It has helped me to become a much better reader. It has a neat and beautiful interface and its very easy to use. The aim of this article is to explain how it can be used on a personal note and how it can be implemented in the classroom environment.

Installing Pocket on your mobile devices

Android users can install it from the playstore

iPhone and iPad users can install it from the iTunes store.

Install pocket just like any other software and create and account. Remember pocket offers two types of accounts, free and premium. Free users can add upto 999 articles, more can be added, but it will be stored as archives, you can also access them by searching in archives. Premium users can add articles which are not at any limit, however the advantage is that premium users can build a permanent library of articles.

Installing Pocket on your Desktop

A dedicated mac version is available at the Pocket website.

However if you have a widows desktop, you need to set it up by Using Google chrome. If you don’t have Google Chrome, then install it. Then go to the chrome store and install pocket, it is a standalone application which can be run on your desktop as long as you have google chrome installed on your desktop or laptop.

Install pocket from the Chrome Website

Pocket App

After installing the pocket application for Chrome then you need to install the pocket extension for chrome so that you will be able to save articles from any website.

Install the pocket extension from the Chrome Store.



Take a look at the picture above and note the red icon in the top right corner, after installing the extension, you will find that icon, now when ever that icon, the current page that you are viewing will be added to chrome.

Please do not that the save to pocket extension is available for Firefox as well, i haven’t used Opera or Windows explorer in a longtime, therefore i do not know whether its available or not.

Saving Articles

From Your Android Device

Go to the share button on any news application and select add to pocket, and it will automatically save it to pocket, and it will be downloaded, in all the devices, that you have it installed, provided that they are using the same account.



Saving articles from your iOS devices

Select the share button and add to pocket ( iOS 8 only) in iOS 7 and earlier you need to copy the web link and paste it to the pocket application.

Note : the articles that you add can be tagged, into various categories that you may prefer, this will make it easier to search later, when your library becomes bigger

ipad pocket


Now that, pocket is setup on your personal devices, let me share a few ideas how it can be used in the classroom environment.

A place where all the students and teacher share articles

An English teacher could create, a seperate account for his/ her classroom. It could be setup in a away which is feasible for the teacher. In some cases, where the students are well mannered and disciplined and if the teacher feels that the students will not do any abuse, i feel that the teacher can share the account with the students, this way while at home, students can add the interesting articles that they come across, in the meantime, when they are using the same account, they will also see the articles which are shared by their friends. However in order to do this, there should be a good understanding between the teacher and the students, cause a student may share an age irrelevant materials as-well. Therefore, it can also be controlled by the teacher, if the teacher feels that an issue like that may arise.

In the computer lab, as a library of articles

Here i am guessing that all the computers in the school computer lab will be in the same network, the setup is very easy. Just install the Pocket application and extension on all the computers and sign in by using the same account. If all the computers are connected to the internet, it will download the article automatically.

This can be setup as a reading program for the students, teachers can do this along side a dictionary, when students are reading they can check the words as well for the meanings. When the students come on their specified time, all the students will be seeing the same articles cause the same account is used on all computers.

Here, the English Department can select and add the articles.

Hope this is helpful, any comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

43 Reading Comprehensions For Grade 4


These are 43 reading comprehensions that i have made during the course of 2014. As i am already working on a new set of them for 2015, i have no intention of keeping this file for my own use.

Most of the texts have been taken from new Cutting Edge, new Headway books and so on. There might be a few typing errors here and there….!

It was made to expose my fourth grade students to various texts which contain various information about various things! I hope that the readers will find it useful! Most of the texts can be used for grades 3, 4 and 5 depending on the standard of the students!

Download it here…!


November 2014 ESL Tracks

esl-150x150Here are the tracks of the latest November 2014 papers. In order to decrease the upload size, i have converted the tracks to 64 kbp/s mp3 files. However, since it has been ripped from the original CD’s the quality is more or less the same.

Click on the links below to download the tracks.

Core Paper 32

Question 1-6

Question 7

Question 8

Question 9

Question 10

Click here to download the paper.


Extended paper 42

Question 1-6

Question 7

Question 8

Question 9

Question 10

Click here to download the paper.


November 2014 English As A Second Language Papers

esl-150x150Here are the November 2014 Cambrdige IGCSE English As A Second Language Papers, the papers have been scanned at 600DPI and converted into OCR, so that users can copy the text, however due to the large file size of the PDF files, i have optimised the files, but don’t worry the PDFs are still perfectly readable.

The Tracks For The Listening Papers Will Be Published Soon.


Paper 12 Reading and Writing Core

Paper 22 Reading and Writing Extended

Paper 32 Listening Core

Paper 42 Listening Extended



Various Sunset Images

No sunset is the same, it is different from each other, each sunset is unique and it produces a variety of colours, it gives many opportunities for photographers, and photographing sunset scenes are one of my favourite and since we live in small islands capturing sunsets aren’t that difficult at all, just need to look out and see whether it is going to be good day or not, here are some of the best sunset scenes that i have captured till date..

Reflective Sunset

Sunset 1

This was taken in Inguraidhoo, during low tide, some of the water are still left behind, it created some wonderful reflections, in order to make the colours more vivid i used a graduated density filter.


Red Sunset

Sunset  2

This image was captured about 10 minutes are the sunset, i used a graduated density filter to make the colours pop out.! Taken At Inguraidhoo..!!


Wake Board Rider & The Sunset

Mohamed Malik 2012

I was shooting wake boarding shots with my friends during this day, this present the opportunity to keep the wake boarder ( Rafeeu Mohamed) in the foreground..! Taken Somewhere near Inguraidhoo..!!


Orange Ball & The Fishermen!

Sunset  4

This was taken during a fishing trip with friends, when it was near the sunset, i saw this small dingy traveling, i knew that it will soon cross the same path as the sun, lucky i my 70-300mm lens was mounted on my camera. I got ready and set my camera in to burst mode and fired about 8 frames and this one was just perfect!! Somewhere near Inguraidhoo


After the Sunset

This was about 15 minutes after the sunset, it was a 30 seconds exposure. I kept the camera on a steady place and i am very very pleased with how this image turned out. Taken at Ungoofaaru

(C)Mohamed Malik


Blood Red Sunset

I was in Alif Dhaal Mahibadhoo for a MOSS ( Maldives Open Source Society) workshop, when it was near sunset, we went to the beach, it never looked like it was going to be a good sunset, all of a sudden the sky became full of blood red colours, the sea was reflecting the colours aswell, this is one of the favourite sunset images..

(C)Mohamed Malik MOSS Seminar @ Alif Dhaal Mahibadhoo



Red Clouds

55mm isn’t wide enough, i was testing a friends nikon 55-200mm VR lens, during this time, and it seems liked it was a great sunset, this image actually consists of 5 images which were stitched using Hugin Panorama Creator.! Taken At Inguraidhoo

Sunset  7


Golden Sunset

Sunsets @ Raa Inguraidhoo, 27th October 2011 @ Thundi

It rained heavily a few hours before the sunset, which produced very nice golden tones, the fact that the small boat traveled near my location added more to this image. Taken At Inguraidhoo


Fishermen In The Sunset

Sunset 11

This image was taken at R. Rasgetheem, to make the orange colours more i used a graduated density orange filter.


My Best Landscape Images

I have been practicing nature photography since the year 2010, during this time I have learned a lot and captured some good images. However the lack of transportation has held me back in recent times, working in the field of education has restrained me on several occasions, however these 10 images are my best so far.

(C)Mohamed Malik
This image was captured in Haa Dhaal Kulhudufushi, on 17th Nov 2010. It was an extremely sunny day and it was low tide, which created wonderful reflections in the shallow water.
On shore wreckage

This was taken in my native island Inguraidhoo, I always wanted to capture a picture with this abandoned boat, however I was waiting for the right time. I work up in the morning and saw the sky and went back into my room took my Nikon D7000 + 18-105mm lens and circular polarizer filter and went out to the beach side, after capturing many nice images, I finally came to this location. To darken the sky and to make the colours more visible I used a polarizer filter. 11th September 2012
Inguraidhoo Beach Side

This is one of the most favourite images till date, the sky was very beautiful and the sun was shining. I created this image using my Nikon D7000 & 18-105mm lens @ F8. To get better colours saturation and contrast I used a polarizer filter.
Boat in the Beach

This image was taken In R. Rasgetheem, to capture this image I took the image from a lower angel which created a much better perspective, I love how this image turned out.
Off To Fishing

Visit To Angolitheem & Vaadhoo
This image was captured during a visit to R. Angolhitheem I only stayed for about an hour, however I was able to get this shot, as they were leaving for fishing. In order to make the sky a bit darker I used a polarizer filter.
The Coral Reef


To make the sea and the corals more visible I had to use the polarizer filter at its maximum setting. However I am very pleased with this image.
Kottaru Raa Atoll, Maldives, Northern Province

This was taken during a picnic to kottafaru, I loved how this image turned out to be, and in the meantime it was a very very beautiful day with extremely sunny skies and beautiful cloud formations.
Blues At Kottafaru

This image has again been captured at Kottafaru
The Beach, the Lagoon & the Deep Sea & Islands


This image has again been captured at Kottafaru
The Garden Reef
Mohamed Malik 2012
This image has been captured while traveling from Dhigali to Inguraidhoo, I asked the person who was captioning the small boat to travel as near as the reef as possible, cause I didn’t want to include any deep sea regions in this image, to make the corals more visible I used a polarizer filter.

At the moment I do not have enough web space to upload HQ images, I will upload as soon as a upgrade my server.

Post Card & Stories Behind Them

In October 2011, 5 of my pictures were chosen as post cards by the Maldives Post Services, to this date it is one of the best accomplishments that i have made in the field of photography, and it is my intention to share the pictures and some other details here. I submitted around 10 images and 5 images were chosen. Maldives Post Office only chose a total of 20 images, and to have 5 of them to my name is truly an honour. 10th October 2011

1. Women Work Twice As Hard Has Men

Women Work Twice As Hard As Men

I just got my Tamron 70-300mm that time, and i was in my beach of my own island, saw the women sweeping the image, the coconut palms there produced a great view..!

2. Sunny Side Of Life

Sunny Side Of Life

This image was taken near Shaviyani Atoll, Near An Uninhabbitat island which was know as Kakairidhoo…( Near Sh. Kanditheemu) my self was half in the salt water. This Was On 14th November 2010

3. Jumper Boys  & 4 .  The Jump


Jumper Boys

These two images were taken in Haadhaal Vaikaradhoo, i asked the boys to jump and they did a very nice job and most of the boys were quite talented and eager to try new moves. 11th November 2010

5. Anchor Man

Anchor Man

This was captured in Baa Atoll Kamadhoo, While I was on the way to Male, the boat was going to board in Kamadhoo, i Waited Until the sailor threw the anchor and was very lucky to capture this image..! June 2011

You can purchase printed copies of these images at the Maldives Post Office In Male.


DigiKam 3.2.0 For Windows Has Been Released


DigiKam is a very feature rich and effective photo management application, after trying the new windows version after more than an year, i have to say that it has changed a lot, in terms of performance and in the meantime it seems to be very very stable.

Here are some of the newest features that the release contains..

version include a new album interface display mode named list-view. Icon view can be switched to a flat item list, where items can be sorted by properties columns as in a simple file manager. Columns can be customized to show file, image, metadata, or digiKam properties.


reverse geocoding
multiple versions of images
face detecttion ( version 3.3 due soon will include support for face recognition aswell)



English & Physics Teacher, Photographer!!!