My Teaching Philosophy


Teaching and learning involves more than just theories, it depends on the teachers and the students motivation, their goals and the methodologies that are used to achieve the objective. Since the year 2007 teaching has been my profession and during the past few years I have been teaching both Physics & English Language, and these two very different subjects takes different approaches to teaching.

Teaching Physics

The traditional notion of teaching physics consisted of learning a bunch of formula and calculations, however at present this approach has changed. At the moment students are required to do a lot of logical thinking in physics. More than 65% of the entire paper is based on applications mean while the rest is based on calculations which promotes the application. While teaching physics I have developed a habit of mentioning a very important thing in the class, which is ” study physics to use it and apply it in your daily life”, since physics deals with the students daily life, measurements, current and electricity, waves and sounds, nuclear physics, optical devices etc, each and every topic which is learned in the classroom can be applied and used in the students daily life.

Teaching English

Teaching English is not about learning the rules of grammar, in my opinion English has to be learned in order to communicate between one person and another, parents often misinterpret the purpose of learning English. The scope of learning is not about the grades in my opinion. Since 2011 I have been teaching English language and the first time i walk into the classroom I mention to the students that the number of A’s, B’s and C’s doesn’t not indicate whether you have mastered English. However I tell the students that what is important is that end, whether how many students are able to write properly, able to read and interpret meanings, able to listen and understand , and able to speak properly and fluently in English language, this is the reason study English, if a student masters these four very critical and important skills, it opens a gate way for the future. It makes students succeed in other subjects and lead into showing various improvements in other areas, I student who get better at language also gets better at cognitive thinking.

Using Logic

As an English teacher and a Physics teacher, one of the difficult barriers that are to over is the habits that students have developed in other levels. In this regard I have come across many students who are unable to link between one subject and the other, students who are unable to answer questions when they are given indirectly, students who are unable to apply what they learn in the classroom.