Uses of Behavioural Learning In The Classroom

indexokIn the typical Maldivian classroom students come from the same country, however they do not accommodate the same discipline. There are some students in the classroom who are very well disciplined, however on the other hand there are students with many issues.

It is rather important for the teacher to mention to the students what the teacher expects from them, the behaviors that are tolerated and the ones which are not allowed should be mentioned to the students, alongside the consequences.

Since 2007, whenever I walk into a classroom for the first time i always remember to mention that ” if the teacher or the class is interrupted or disturbed by an individual student or by a very small minority of students, then they are violating the rights of each and every student in the classroom.

Many students are attention seekers who are willing to find loop holes within the teacher, whenever the teacher gives them any free time they tend to seek advantage. A rather common type of behavior found in our classrooms is bullying. And one of the best ways to deal with this issue is using the behavioral learning.  Giving punishment doesn’t mean that we have to beat up the child, however as a consequence of unwanted or unexpected behavior certain privileges’ can be taken away from the child so that the child feels more guilty about what he has done. An example of this can be only the students who are up to the accepted levels of discipline can be the ones who can participate in extracurricular activities.