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ESL – Note Making Exercises


Here are 15 ESL note making exercises, which can be used for both core and extended level students. They have been taken from Marian Barry Books and typed into a perfectly formatted PDF file. Since I have already done all these exercises with my students, I really have no need of keeping this work for myself.
I know that many of you photocopy these exercises from the books and they are difficult for the students to read due to the quality of the photocopy or the scanned material. This will resolve your problems in that area.
Please note that the articles have been proof read by me and there might still be minor typing errors.
Any teacher who wishes to, have the original word document file may share an equivalent work in return.
Download it here….!!!!

November 2014 English As A Second Language Papers

esl-150x150Here are the November 2014 Cambrdige IGCSE English As A Second Language Papers, the papers have been scanned at 600DPI and converted into OCR, so that users can copy the text, however due to the large file size of the PDF files, i have optimised the files, but don’t worry the PDFs are still perfectly readable.

The Tracks For The Listening Papers Will Be Published Soon.


Paper 12 Reading and Writing Core

Paper 22 Reading and Writing Extended

Paper 32 Listening Core

Paper 42 Listening Extended