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Shooting Birds In Flight!!

Im not very experienced in shooting birds at flight, however it is my intention to share what i have learned in the past few years.

— Keep the camera in aperture priority mode…

— Set the camera to focus continously

— Set the camera to burst mode

— I mostly set the metering to spot, so that the camera perfectly exposes the bird.

— Try to keep a minimum shutter speed of 1/1250th of a second or faster.

1. Resting

Heron 1

I took this image at K. Maafushi, Taken with a tamron 70-300mm at 300mm @ f8.

2. Ready To Take Off..

A few seconds later it was ready to take off…!

Kaafu Atoll..Maafushi During....14-16th April 2011

3. Off & Away

Kaafu Atoll..Maafushi During....14-16th April 2011

4. Heron In Flight

(C)Mohamed Malik

This image was taken in R. Inguraidhoo..

5. In Flight

(C)Mohamed Malik

This image was taken i R. Inguraidhoo


6 . Break Fast

Mohamed Malik

This image is probably the best image of a Heron that i can taken, it was taken In K. Himmafushi, it was trying to eat the fish…! however i was near the beach and i realised that i was too far away from it. But it was high tide….but i took the risk and went to the sea and tried to move closer and closer to it slowly, in the mean time i kept the camera high, when i reached this distance the water level was near my chest. And it was too risky to take the shot at my eye level, this is went the Nikon D5100 swivel screen came in handy, i switched to live view and took a few shots and it was perfect.

7. Resting In The Tree

Heron 8

I was as near as 10m from this Heron, which didn’t care or bother about my presence. Taken At K. Gulhi

8. Off

Heron 11

I really like how this one turned out..! Taken At Inguraidhoo